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★ keeping my head down,

until the day you found me

「♥ 창민 + 운미 = izu2minY ♥ 」
"i don't really wanted to leave but i don't wanna stay either. being behind everything sometimes makes me felt down — no one ever realize. kept on hiding everything inside and changing my decisions just to keep a company around. should have stop this earlier. since it is too late — i should recreate my life."

"growing up as somebody else give me a glimps of something terrible. my oldest memory was the time i realize i should have kept the last memory in here but i lost it. reasons should be kept secret. with that i grew up as someone who always stay alone when others find a company. alonism give me a sense of individualism — something i thought i would leave years ago."


「♪ 愛せない愛したい (Aisenai Aishitai) and 하루달 (Harudal): the 동방신기/東方神起 melodies to my life」

「정윤호」 + » internet obsession!!

「이동해」 + » internet obsession!!

I’m the only one in his heart » [ Murakami Shingo ]

Be my Easter bunny → [SeungRi♥] ←

When I can't fall asleep, [Sakurai Sho] sings me [LOVE SONG] as a lullaby♫, KISSES me, makes strip-tease♥♥ and becomes my teddy bear

» When I was making a cake , [Kazunori Ninomiya] entered the kitchen, approached me with words "you are sweeter than all cakes in the world", licked cream from my fingers and we ended up kissing «

☆彡izu2minY banged 二宮和也like a screendoor in a HURRICANE彡☆

[VERB. n. (i) Tachibana Keita (ii) it's what who I do ;)]

[EunHyuk] x [DongHae] is my number one OTP~

JUNG YUNHO is my ★ adorable appa.

SHIM CHANGMIN is my ★ lovable oppa.

PARK YOOCHUN is my ★ cuddly dongsaeng.

LEE DONGHAE is my ★ forever soulmate.

Back off biotch! Jung Yunho's pants belongs to me!♥♥♥

MY OTP BLOG CREW "Tachibana Keita x Shim Changmin"

Jung Yunho + Lee Eunmi here » otp!

* Someday, i'm gonna give birth to ~Ninomiya Kazunari~'s child..
OMG! That child's gonna be so adorable!! =D


~ Ninomiya Kazunari gave me an autographed copy of Dream-A-live on my birthday. ~

love,(lŭv) n. Ninomiya Kazunari.

{Miyata Toshiya} is my Mrs.Claus

[Shim Changmin] will be the death of me

유노윤호』is my other half.
's voice is

성민』is my other half.
's voice is

☆» § I may be clumsy ; I may be dorky , but || CHANGMIN & SUNGMIN Photobucket|| can’t help FLL!nG in LVE with ME!! § «☆

{JongHyun & ChangMin} say to me :
The ~ KEYWORD ~ to my blissful life...
is being * CLOSE TO YOU * !!

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